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What's between Free and Bronze ?

Yesterday a new Kronocard user asked us if we had an eBay connector plan for 100 cards. He was willing to pay $10 for that plan.

His reasoning is simple, a "Basic Store" on eBay is entitled to 250 listings per month for $ 25. However he is planning to create from 50 to 100 listings per month so he will get 50 free listings and he will pay a maximum of $ 15 for additional ones. He thus saves $10 to $25 per month by not buying an eBay basic store.

Have we realized his desire to have a plan that allows 100 eBay listings per month for $10 ?


Instead, we have created the eBay Steel Connector Plan that allows up to 200 listings per month for $10. Yes: we have doubled the number of cards requested by our user!

You can get the new plan "eBay steel connector" using this link: