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Kronozio has passed the eBay approval!

September 2016 Update: Our eBay connector is now available for everybody since june 2016. It is actually used with success by dozens of eBay sellers.

Three weeks ago, we announced an eBay connector for Kronocard: The fastest solution in the world to list your sports cards online, including eBay.

Some brave volunteers tried it and now there are hundreds of eBay listing that were created by Kronocard. Well I must admit there were some problems to solve and there are probably few remaining, but the reviews are very positive:

Gary Huras:
"Very very nice thank you for this services-even the ebay listing looks great with the krono / s plugs / ads"

Dustin Girardin:
"It's a great addition to kronozio. It's working great for me. So easy to use great job. Makes me like kronozio even more !!"

Since last Thursday, Kronocard’s now an eBay compatible application. This is more than a logo. As a member of the "eBay Developers Program" we can now support 1.5 million calls to eBay servers every day. That means thousands of collectors and sellers can now use Kronocard to sell cards on eBay. Our team has worked very hard in recent months to achieve this goal.
EBay users were looking for a solution to help them sell their cards, they can now find us directly on the eBay site Solutions Directory

What does it mean for Kronozio customers? With our new version of Kronocard, you are now allowed to sell on eBay!
You will have the best of both worlds.
For those who have already tasted the speed and ease to list online with our software “Kronocard”, it is as quick to sell on eBay.
You can leave your cards online for free on and use the same software to list your cards on eBay. If any cards have not sold on eBay, they will automatically go back for sale on
Your cards are always visible on internet 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

  • Put all your inventory on
  • No listing fees to list your cards on
  • No recurring fees to keep your cards online on
  • With only a few steps, you can select the cards that you wish to list in your eBay store.

It's time to download the new version and get down to business. Request an access to the eBay connector on the site