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The future of Kronozio

In the upcoming months Kronozio will release its new website. Our goal is clear: We want to be the destination of choice for card buyers. This is not easy to do as collectors were buying cards online long before Kronozio existed. Collectors have been going to eBay, Amazon, Beckett, Comc, Sportlots, and trade forums for years. How do we change their habits? How do we make their destination of choice?

A Lot of Cards

First, we have to offer collectors a lot of card choices. We now have one million cards for sale on our website. This is a great start, but we need to do better. All of our competitors have many times that quantity of cards. We need more cards. As you know, to achieve this goal, we created Kronocard, a software tool that offers unmatched speed and convenience to scan and document cards. Kronocard is not perfect but it is by far the best tool on the market and we provide it for free. We can say that we are very well-positioned for that first objective.

December 2017 update: we now have more that 2 millions cards in our database

The best website

Second, we have to offer collectors the best website to browse for cards and make it easy to buy cards. We are building it right now! Please look at It is the foundation for our future website. That main page shows 350 cards: 25 for each of the 14 categories we defined. It is fast because images are loaded only when shown in the browser-viewing area. It is refreshed each day with a strong bias for newly added cards. It says to collectors: “Welcome! We have a lot of cards in a lot of categories. See what we have for you today.” The initial feedback gathered on Sport Card Forum is “I love that layout”.

Each seller will have its own home page and will be able to define its own categories. You will get from two to six categories depending on the number of cards you have for sale on Sellers with more than 2000 cards will have the option to add six more categories. Each of those categories will show 25 cards based on your own criteria. We also plan to enable quick links that will allow sellers to define text-only categories. Those quick links will allow you to define search criteria that will be applied on your store. As an example, if you have a nice collection of Wayne Gretzky cards, you will be able to add a: “Wayne Gretzky” link to your store’s home page.

Home pages are cool, but the real action occurs in search pages. Look at where the focus is the card images and nearly all text is clickable and leads to other searches. We are adding four more sort options and plan to add search breakdowns. In the future, we will offer the collector the opportunity to turn unsuccessful searches into wish lists. Best of all, sellers will be able to see those wish lists!

On every page users will be able to add the cards they see to their cart without leaving the current page. This is a big-time saver compared to our current website. We are now planning the “cart page”. We are working on a page that will allow users to make offers and select which one they want to convert into an order. They will also be able to remove cards from their carts as needed.

Need more coolness? All of those pages are using the latest web design techniques and will show well on tablets and phones.

We listened and learned from your comments. Our new website will offer:

  • Easier searches
  • Shipping costs displayed up front. This will allow easier, complete comparison for buyers.
  • You will not lose your place on the website when you add a card to your cart.
  • You will be able to remove cards from your cart
  • Finding cards will be easier
  • The website will have a store list page
  • The website will have pages for teams, years and sets.
  • We added live store activities (scans, sells, ships, etc) to show that the Kronozio website is alive and doing well.
  • Multiple results from searches are merged together; no more search results showing the same card 25 times.

Buyers can create and manage a list of their favorite stores and do searches within those stores.

We think that with a tool that make it easy to list cards and a world class website, we can bring card buyers to

What will we do next?

Our to-do list is huge, but here are the main tasks and upcoming projects:

  • Our shipping options are too simple and there is no way for buyers to ask for tracking, insurance or custom options. We plan to change that. Dec. 2017: In progress!
  • At the moment, buyers can make offers on all cards even if sellers do not want to provide the option for certain cards value. We will add configurable rules based on price to manage that. Example: No offers possible on cards of value less than $x.
  • Allow text feedbacks from verified buyers. Add a page where buyers will be able to see feedbacks.
  • A multi-user version of Kronocard.
  • A Kiosk version of Kronocard for brick and mortar stores so clients coming in can search your cards database.
  • A module to create listings on from external data sources.
  • Integrate a sets/cards master database into Kronocard to allow documentation from only the card number.
  • Open to sport memorabilia. Dec. 2017: DONE.
  • Create a clone of (or a section in for trading card games like MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh, etc). Dec. 2017: DONE.
  • Provide automatic documentation from images comparison analysis. We already have a working proof of concept that just needs time and elbow grease to become a reality.
  • Enhance Kronoscan card detection. Planned for 2018
  • Make it easier for sellers to list sets of cards and easier for buyers to find them.
  • Create Kronocard User Manual
  • Exclusive web stores: For sellers that want to add their kronozio web store to their own website, special pages without Kronozio branding, publicity and searches in other stores.
  • An opportunity for sellers to offer rebates or sale prices, which always attracts customers.
  • Support Euro and British currency for eBay European sellers. Planned for Q1 2018
  • Providing list of recent sold cards to our sellers so they know what’s hot to sell.
  • Add seller's communication with clients.
  • Add a way for sellers to make special offers to clients that have cards in their cart for X days, but have not yet committed to pay.

Kronozio is now looking for investors. We shared our vision. We need funds to make it happen faster. For more information please contact