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Support for European eBay sites

Kronocard is an international success! We have not only Canadian and American users but also from Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and even Hong Kong.

Since March 2016 our eBay connector is the fastest way to create sports card ads on and You suspect it, it made some Europeans jealous;)

Good news, we have added to Kronocard the support of the following European eBay sites: UK, España, Nederland and France. We are now in a testing period with these sites. Contact us if you are interested in trying it out.

Kronozio would like to thank our partner Marc de Jong of Sport Cards Europe for the Dutch translation and Ferran Roig of Euro Soccer Cards for the Spanish translation.

We are ready to support other European eBay sites! If for example you need the eBay connector for Poland or Germany then contact us. We need help translating some texts and doing tests.