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Step #4: Group your cards

When you buynew cards most of the time collectors are sorting their cards by year, set and many by card numbers. It is primordial without Kronozio, because when you sell a card you will need to find it in maybe 20 boxes. This takes a lot of time if everything is not ordered correctly.

Kronozio has developed a mechanism to eliminate that tedious part of ordering the cards by numbers. This is the new way of doing it, you will find your card in no time!

With our system, you just need to go get a bunch of cards of the same year and same set that's it. No need to go thru all your boxes to put all the years and set together first. For sure the more cards you have in the same years and set together the faster it will go latter.

Please, I want this to be clear, you can start with 500 cards (same year and set) today, continue in your box with other groups (same year and set) later. The more cards of the same year and set that are done at the same time will only be faster for documenting. There is no gain in speed of doing it thinking that it will be easier later to find your cards.

With Kronocard each card that are scanned and put back in a structured box are remembered so later on when you will need to get that particular card Kronocard will tell you exactly where it is!

As you can see in this image someone searching in Kronocard for this 1992 Fleer Ultra Mike Lavalliere #254 know that the card is in is box named BLB0022 in the row number 01 and in the separator A. So you can find any card in no time no matter if you have 2 boxes or 10,000.

Is this nice that you can be comfortably sit at your desk and be able to go in any boxes to browse for cards!

It's done, show me the next step!