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Step #3: Setup your store

Your account is created, you have downloaded and installed successfully our software. It's time to start Kronocard and see what can be done with it. As I said in step 2, you should now have an icon Kronocard on your desktop.

Double-click on that icon to start Kronocard.

Now that Kronocard is open, we will start by configuring the 6 easy steps for creating your store to put your cards in it.

*Please note that if you’re very good at computer you can just look at all the images without reading and you can use all default setting.

Now click on the “It's done, continue!” button on the bottom right.

In this new page you are asked to enter the same email and password that you registered with on website. Let put them and click on the “It's a go” button again at the bottom right.

Now if you have correctly connected Kronocard to the website you will get this confirmation page. Just click on Create my Store.

As a reward for taking the time to do this step by step journey, Kronozio is happy to give you free documentation credits! Will explain to you what it’s all about in step #6.

Now let’s choose your store name and add a description. Don't worry all settings can be modified at any time if you want to change them.

Enter a nice store name, description and then click on Validate.

If your name is valid and it’s not already taken you will get this confirmation message that you can use this name. We also provide you a link (URL) directly to your store so that you can give to your clients or share anywhere on the web. Now click on Store Details

In this page you can choose a banner to give your store a personal look. We are providing you some samples of free banners, but you can also create your own. It must be 1200x200 pixels.

When your banner is selected just click on Validate.

In this page you will set your shipping fees for Canada, USA and international. I suggest that you let those suggested fees like this and continue, you can come back later and read all about it in more details. Click on Validate for now.

On Kronozio every price are negotiable, we are working with offers. Everyone wants to have the satisfaction to have made a deal, so negotiation with offer is the basic on The system already have been built for auction, but right now it is not activated until we get the traffic targeted. Again I recommend to continue and come back later to read about it. But quickly it's a mechanism to auto-accept and auto-decline offers with rules to prevent you to have too much micro management. When done click on Validate.

On Krononozio, we want the best protection possible when it comes to transaction. It is mandatory to use Paypal to pay and receive your money. In this page, you will need to enter a valid Paypal email address, In order to get paid. As soon that a customer paid his invoice you will receive your money in your Paypal account. Then Paypal take 10% of the transaction to send it back to Kronozio. This is simple, fast and efficient. Some of you will also want to accept other ways of payment. You just need to set the option to true and in the box write your other payment option. Please note that we can't help you with payments done without Paypal. If your done click on Validate.

This last step is about return policies. It's not funny when you need to refund someone or fix mistake but its part of the selling process. Just take the time to set this up and when done click on Validate.

Now as you can see in this last image, you just received 500 documentation credits, because you completed all the 6 steps of configuring your store! You’re now ready to scan. When ready click on the little camera button and go start Step #4

It's done, show me the next step!