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Selling auctions style on eBay the fast and easy way

OK, let's make this clear now: You can get the only sports cards selling software in the world for free, you can list your cards on for free, you can sell sports cards 60 to 150 times faster. Today, I'm telling you that you that you can also list your cards fixed price AND auction style on eBay!

Hey! If this is not a good deal, I think it's because you're living on another planet. Hahaha. If you do not make more money with our solution at least, you will save a lot of your time.

If you’re not familiar with our software that means: you can scan cards, document them and like me with 3-4 clicks you can send hundreds or even thousands of cards for sale on eBay. More cards on eBay is more money for you.

What are the steps to accomplish that.

  • Go on and create an account. (Free)
  • Download and install Kronocard (Free)
  • Read this tutorial in order for you to understand the basic to scan and document cards with Kronocard.
  • When you have some cards online in your Kronozio store you can read the eBay connector documentation
  • When completed you can go get the eBay connector here and start with the free 50 cards per month version. When ready, upgrade your plan for more cards! No obligation, no credit card required for the free version.

Those five steps can be done within an hour if you’re comfortable with a computer.

It's so easy with Kronozio why not doing all your collection ?

If you need help or you have suggestions please feel free to contact us at: