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Scheduling listing for eBay

If you want to schedule a listing to be submitted to eBay you can do it within Kronocard.
Please note that your computer need to be powered on for Kronocard to be able to list your scheduled cards.
The scheduling listing is done by Kronocard not by eBay. Also note that Kronocard don't need to stay open all the time to make it work. The scheduled listing will be submitted also when Kronocard is closed. We are using a small service in your computer to take care of it.

TIPS: If you want to get more attention on eBay what you can also do is to select many cards, schedule it to start now BUT there is an option to delay between each listing. So if you put 15 minutes in the box, Kronocard will start sending your cards to eBay but will schedule it with 15 minutes between each cards. What's the advantage ? If someone that search on eBay for cards and sort the listings by most recent that mean that you will have a card at the top of the list every 15 minutes! With good cards, you will sell a lot more :)

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