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New eBay powerful options in Kronocard 0.9.32

Today we will talk about the two new features added to Kronocard 0.9.32.

In the last few months we have done some testing with our eBay account and our Kronocard eBay connector. We were trying to figure out how we can sell more cards monthly. We tried selling cards on specific hours or on specific days of the week or a combination of the two. Nothing was very significant and the results were not gratifying. But one of those days you wake up and have a brilliant idea. We decided to test something new. If you are like us, when searching for cards on eBay normally, you sort by newly listed so you can see what's new and be the first to get a deal right? So instead of listing one or two batches of 10,000 cards in the month, we stopped everything. We sent one batch of 500 cards, waited 2-3 days and sent another 500 cards. You know what? Sales went up just after those 500 listing batches for about 24 hours and then died. So based on those facts we came up with the idea to add a very interesting feature in Kronocard. We added the ability to schedule batches of listing to eBay!

Well, nothing new here, you will tell us. You can already schedule listings on eBay. Wow! What a chance you have to be able to take hours and hours listing your cards on eBay and one by one setting up the schedule for each card. Sorry, when listing on eBay, I don't want to use more than 15 minutes for 10 cards or 10,000. Hopefully you will agree that this new concept is brilliant. In Kronocard when you're ready to list, for example 1,000 cards, you select the cards when you're in the submission interface. We added a little clock button on the top right corner. Click on that clock and the magical interface will appear. In that interface you can decide the date and time to list those selected cards on eBay. In that interface you can also select THE super duper fancy option to put a delay between 1 and 60 minutes between each card listing!

OK now what?

So you can schedule to list your 1,000 cards in one batch, as most people do right now, and in a couple of hours they are no longer in the newly listed category.
Or you can schedule to list 100 cards per day for the next 10 days.
Or you can schedule to list 1 card every 10 minutes for 7 days so you always have a card pop up at the top of the list!

Isn't this a powerful feature?
See it in action.

OK now let's talk about another feature that has been asked multiple time for eBay listings.
For the person who already sells on eBay, you know that eBay title is limited to 80 characters. With years, products, players/players name, card numbers the 80 characters can melt like butter in a pan. Some sellers want to also have other information in the title and there is no real solution that fits all. So with that new feature you can now choose what you want to see in your eBay title and also select the order of it. In that same section we also added a feature that was asked. You now have the option to list your title in all CAPITAL LETTERS.

We hope you get as excited as we did with these new features. Don't forget that if you have good ideas for Kronocard, you can always submit them to We are taking notes on all of your suggestions.

We also have fixed some small issues and made some small changes. More information is provided here: Kronocard 0.9.32 Kronocard 0.9.32