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New browser security eBay changes.

Google Chrome-the browser used by almost half of all eBay buyers is making changes to its security standards and how it communicates web privacy to users.

Starting on October 17, 2017, Chrome users will see the message "Not secure" in the browser's address tab when they visit HTTP pages and HTTPS pages that include HTTP content. Other web browsers will likely follow suit and make similar changes in the future.

Non-compliant page before

Non-compliant page after

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is what governs data communication on the internet. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP (the "S" stands for "Secure"), and it ensures data privacy and security by encrypting communications from all parties.
eBay is doing its part so buyers do not see the new "Not secure" message when they visit the site and to protect data.

Now, eBay use the HTTPS communications protocol for all listings. In the future, eBay will move all store pages to HTTPS as well. There may be non-secure HTTP content in your listings and stores. You must update this HTTP content to HTTPS as soon as possible.
Below, see the most common kinds of content found in sellers' listings, store templates, and elsewhere that may be using non-secure HTTP URLs.

To ensure that your buyers see the "secure" message, eBay is making a change to how desktop users view such content in item descriptions. eBay listings with HTTP content will feature key snippets of the item description and a button reading "See full item description," putting the complete description just one click away, as shown below. This experience is similar to how buyers already view all listings on mobile web. Item descriptions that are HTTPS compliant will continue to display the full description as normal.

Kronozio released a new version of Kronocard that will take care of that security issue for you for all the new listing you will send on eBay with version
Just install that version and all your next listing will be compliant.

For the one that already have listings on eBay that are in "Good Till Cancel" we suggest update all your listing to prevent potential decreases in your sales.
If you want to update all your listing on eBay you can follow the information in that.

This means that the screen not only allows you to migrate your non-compliant listings to a compliant version, but also allows you to batch apply several other changes to your fixed-price listing. If you just want to make your listing compliant the do not modify the options and just click the Batch Modify button.

Once you click the Bath Modify button, Kronocard will queue modification commands for the eBay server. At this point you can close Kronocard but leave your computer open so the background communication service can send those commands one at a time to eBay server. It can take up to two days to modify 50,000 cards depending on eBay servers load. If you want to see the remaining cards to modify you can go in the Kronocard message center at the upper right corner it will show you the quantity of eBay operation remaining.

If you have any questions or problem doing this update please send us a message at