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Make a card your star of the day!

If you have been on you may have noticed that the first strip of cards at the top is a category called "FEATURED". For a long time, this strip of cards was the same, unfortunately. In the first version of Kronozio's website, this was edited by one of our team members exclusively. The reason that it was no more possible to edit it with the new website was that we wanted to implement a way for our users to also be able to tell others what is their favorite card of the day.

We are happy to tell you that it's now possible to everyone that has an account on Kronozio to "Feature" one card per day! So start to use it to promote your best looking card if you're a seller or if you're a collector looking for a card, you can "Feature" cards that you like on !

When you feature a card it will not show up instantly. To maintain a fast homepage load we are generating it once a day at a random time. So if you do it early in the morning (Montreal time) you have better chance to see your card in the "Featured" cards on the same day. If not it will be picked up next day.

This is where the "Featured" cards are displayed on

If you want to feature a card you need to go into the details of the card by clicking on the card and on the magnifier.

If you are logged into Kronozio in the details at the top, you click on "Make it my star of the day!"

Next interface is the confirmation that you will feature that card.

Enjoy doing this and come back every day to feature your card!