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Kronozio and Sport Cards Europe team up!

By Marc de Jong/David Lafond
September, 2016

The Hague, Netherlands, Blainville, Canada – Canada based Kronozio and The Netherlands based Sport Cards Europe announced today that they will team up effective September 1st 2016.

The two companies agreed that Sport Cards Europe will start promote Kronozio and its unique software product, Kronocard in Europe. With this agreement Kronozio expand its presence in Europe.

Together we will grow the number of users buying and selling on Kronozio and make it more attractive for new users from Europe to start using the one stop shop software. The launch of the eBay Connector earlier this year, makes Kronocard the ultimate tool for collectors buying and selling cards online. The intuitive way of scanning multiple cards at once with Kronocard is one of the reason Sport Cards Europe wanted to team up with Kronozio according to officials.

About Kronozio

The company was founded in 2013 and at that time named One Stop Sports Cards (OnestopSC on eBay). Then, in January 2015, with the new project, we changed our name to Kronozio s.a.
The project started as a simple test for a friend that wanted to sell some of his 300,000 hockey cards online. At that time, he was only able to list online around 600 cards per week; so much work, no time to eat, sleep or do anything else. In July 2013, we were having lunch together and he asked me if I could help him sell his cards. My speciality is IT workflow optimization, so with all my knowledge and some programming, I came out after 2 weeks with a new pipeline that pushed the speed to 2,500 cards per week! My friend was blown away! We were talking about scanning both sides, documenting the cards and sending those cards to eBay. After long hours, I was able to push the whole process in December 2013 to 25,000 cards per week! Yep! You're reading correctly, 25,000 cards processed per week, using off-the-shelf equipment, custom home-made software and an ultra-optimized workflow.

About Sport Cards Europe

The start of the company was in early 2016. Sport Cards Europe represent the European collectors in the Sport Trading Cards community. With its presence Sport Cards Europe wants to take buying and selling away from not transparent platforms. With open communication and support of its client base we try to make the hobby more visible in Europe.

Collecting should be fun for everyone. And our slogan is; Collecting Memories. We still feel like it is Christmas morning when we open a brand new box. And we want to share that.


To learn more about this partnership, please contact

56, Hubert-Gratton
Blainville, QC
Canada, J7B 1V2
1-844-Kronozio (6694)

Sport Cards Europe
Marc de Jong
Tramstraat 40, 2551 TW
The Hague
Phone: +316-53286638