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Go nuts!

Do you know a lot of collectors?
You want to make extra money just because you know many collectors ?

We are going nuts at Kronozio. Talk about us everywhere on social networks, live events, friends and colleagues and get rewarded.

For each person you refer to us that get a paid eBay plan on you will receive 25$ per person!

Or because you're a smart person and you are already selling on eBay with our eBay connector, we will credit one month of your connector for any person you refer that subscribe to a paid plan!

Don't stop talking about us and get paid or enjoy your connector for free!

Ask them to go to to download and install the Kronocard software (free).
When they list few cards online in their Kronozio store (free) they will understand how easy it is to list cards online. Last step, they need to subscribe to an eBay connector plan and you send us his/her name to get rewarded!

You have a name that you want us to contact to convince him/her? Send it to us at and you will still get your reward if the person subscribe to a paid plan.