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Export your Kronocard data and images

Last summer we created the Scan Export option, a save images extension for Kronoscan that allows you to choose the destination folder of images when scanning cards.

At that time, many people were only interested in getting their trading cards pictures more easily. However, many have realized that Kronocard offers way more functions to make the management of cards easier: local search, internet search, specialized documentation grid, etc.

In short, people who have their own sales solution and do not want to sell on or could already benefit from our superior scanning solution, but unfortunately they could not harness the power of Kronocard to manage and document their cards.

Data and image export function

The new version of Kronocard, 0.9.42, with the optional export module, allows to export data and images to the folder of your choice. Cards data is saved in tab-separated text format (Microsoft Excel compatible). Export also applies your rotations to your images when exporting.

Export your Kronocard data

As the button to export (up arrow over a cloud) has been integrated into the group editing screen of cards, you can choose which cards you want to export. In the image above, 12 cards are selected but if you click in the upper left corner of the edit table then all the cards in the table will be exported.

April 25th update! You can now choose a nice name formating for image files:

Export options

Which will result in this windows file explorer view:
Export options

This new export feature is provided with the optional EXPORT ADD-ON module, available for $9.99 US per month. So you have access to a direct export of images from Kronoscan AND exporting both your data and images from Kronocard.

Tip to edit up to 3000 cards in the editing grid from the search results.

Here is a previously undocumented function of Kronocard. If you do a search that returns hundreds of results, the normal operation of the button that invokes the group edit screen (grid icon) is to load only the first 30 cards (or 50, or 100, depending on the number selected just above). To edit the next 30 you have to click the double arrows to change the page.

3000 tip

The tip: If you leave the number of cards at 30 and you press the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard when you click the group edit button then, it is not the first 30 cards that will be loaded into the editing grid but the first 3000! And if you change the page then it will be the next 3000! So, this hidden feature is now available to everyone and, could be especially handy for those who want to export several cards at once. But, beware: If your computer is not very powerful, 3000 cards in the editing grid could cause slowdowns.