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Documenting 500 cards per hour

When you register with Kronozio and want to sell card, we are giving you a software that have been built from scratch specifically for the sports cards market. And one of the interesting section of that powerful tool it's the documentation part. It's like a spreadsheet on steroids. Specifically designed to document your card faster.

Some of the features of the spreadsheet:

  • Cut, Copy and Paste, Excel compatible
  • Contextual menu in all colunms. Try it! Select many cells of the same colunm and try it again!
  • Autocomplete in many text fields
  • Undo / Redo
  • Color coded: modified rows (blue), rows with errors (red), rows with warnings (purple)

Other features of that awesome screen:

  • Images zoom and rotation. Rotate multiple images at the same time when many rows are selected.
  • Changes will be applied to your listings and to your eBay listings
  • Search on eBay, Amazon, Kronozio, Google, Becket, Comc using the card fields you entered
  • Click on the location field to see that card in the locations window.