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Creating a new shopping cart


As you are aware, we are working on a new version of our website. At this time we have the home and search pages that are almost ready. The new website is live!

DONE! Please see details here How the new cart is working We are currently working on the shopping carts. Already, we have listened to your comments and the addition of a card to the cart is done without leaving the page that displays the card.

Here's what it will look like:

Cart Kronozio

The shopping cart (one per store in which you have chosen cards) will be separated into three sections:

  • Interested
  • Offers
  • Invoice


A card put in your shopping cart is initially found in this section and, generally offers you three choices: Make an offer, add to invoice or remove from the cart. If a card is no longer for sale you will be notified.


See the status of your offers in this section. Here again you can add the card to the invoice or remove it from your shopping cart.


These are the cards you want to turn into an order. Once you click the Pay button you agree to pay the cards.

In short your card shopping will be easy and fast because by adding a card to the shopping cart you not commit you to anything until you click the Pay button. In addition, you can make all your offers from the same screen.

Once the shopping baskets are completed, we will only miss the follow-up of orders to finally put our new website into production.