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Batch modification of eBay listings

Since this summer eBay has changed it's policy regarding links in ads. In summary most of the links that bring people out of the eBay site are no more allowed.

In the past, Kronocard was adding to your ads a link to At that time it was authorized and was approved by eBay. This link was removed in version 0.9.50. So all listings created with version 0.9.50 or higher are in line with the new eBay policy.

Usually, an eBay listing lasts 30 days or less. If you have installed version 0.9.50 of Kronocard you probably do not have to worry: your next listings will be conform.

However, if you are a big eBay seller it is possible that you are using GTC (Good 'Til Canceled) listings. They are usually created only once and are automatically renew every months. They must therefore be modified. Even if the Kronocard user interface allows hundreds of listings to be changed quickly, having to edit thousands can be more difficult. That's why we've added a batch modify feature, available for big users (eBay connector of 500 listings or more).

Batch Edit button

We added a batch modify function to the Kronocard eBay listings screen. BEFORE using it, start selecting the filters in the orange bar: eBay site, listings duration, listings status (only active fixed price listings can be changed in batch) and especially the modification dates. Indeed, there is no need to modify the recent listings created with version 0.9.50 that are already compliant. Also, the start date is, by default, one month shorter than the current date. If you want to modify a listing created 6 months ago then you have to adjust this start date.

Also, consider the total number of cards to be changed. Ideally proceed in lots of 50,000 cards or less.

Once the batch edit button is clicked, Kronocard will load in memory each of the cards that corresponds to your filters and are fixed price listing active on eBay. This step may take a few minutes. The following screen will be displayed:

Batch Edit screen

You will recognize in this screen our five usual zones:

  • eBay site options
  • National Delivery Options
  • International delivery options
  • Description options (texts for payment, delivery, returns, about)
  • eBay Store Options

This means that the screen not only allows you to migrate your non-compliant listings to a compliant version, but also allows you to batch apply several other changes to your fixed-price listing. If you just want to make your listing compliant the do not modify the options and just click the Batch Modify button.

Once you click the Bath Modify button, Kronocard will queue modification commands for the eBay server. At this point you can close Kronocard but leave your computer open so the background communication service can send those commands one at a time to eBay server. It can take up to two days to modify 50,000 cards depending on eBay servers load.